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Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission

Some of the frequently overlooked parts of a successful exploration and mining industry are the people tasked with the responsibility of monitoring and inspecting the operations.  The importance isn’t just in making sure that laws and regulations are followed, but that their efforts to ensure that operations are safe for the environment and people creates trust in the public that the industry is one which can be a good neighbor and a good employer. The Workers Safety and Compensation Commission of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut is charged with ensuring the safety of workers at exploration and mining camps, and the work of Martin van Rooy has been singled out for special recognition. Industry representatives have praised him for his help and availability, and Martin has been an excellent resource in working with industry to provide guidance and ensuring the safety of operations and, most importantly, the people working there. It is through the hard work of people like Martin that Nunavut’s exploration and mining industry will have a bright future.